The gallery has lost its Lease to yet another Condo-converting Slumlord. The last 8 months in court were as fun as they sound. But don’t worry, we ain't going out like that...

Orchard Street Art Gallery finally presents its “GRAND CLOSING”
139 Orchard Street
Between Delancy & Rivington

Every artist that had a show here added a new sign on top of the last. So, we decided to have a finale show of all the signage from the last 20 shows.There will also be show leftovers from Skewville. So come get factory direct pricing.

Orchard Street Art Gallery housed Skewville’s first solo show “Urban Legends” in July 03, Showcasing silkscreen posters and photos of the first thousand hand-made wooden sneakers that they had tossed over telephone wires, worldwide. Then the gallery showcased Skewville’s most famed group show” gang related” where over 75 artist customized their wooden sneakers. The gallery had continuing success after it featured Eliks first Solo show after he was asked not to show at McGraigs Wells Gallery after complaints of his local graffiti. Then the gallery went on
to feature the first Solo shows of underground street artist like Jet and Rubble, Abe Lincoln Jr, Solar, Rep1 and GoreB. It also housed shows by Magmo and MCA, Overspray Magazine and Azstar. And as seen on TV the Mr. T artist collaboration doll show.